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Vinyl ester fabrication and installation

Why choose vinyl ester for your particular application?

Let’s keep it simple – glass fibres in the composite provide the strength and stiffness to the structure. When encased in a vinyl ester resin the fibres hold in their position and transfers the loads between the fibres.

What does that mean?

Durability and prolonged life time of the pipes or other components.

Better absorption of impact or stress.

Excellent  resistance to both heat and the attack of aggressive chemicals, acidic or caustic.

That’s why vinyl esters are widely used in fabricating industrial equipment and structures such as absorption towers, process vessels, storage tanks, pipes, manholes, hoods and ducts.

Vinyl ester has rapidly becoming the material of choice for the dairy industry and those environments where other pipe materials just don’t last.

Sayer Drainage is now offering the total one stop package for your next vinyl ester installation.

We will supply, fabricate and install to your plan and specifications.

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Sayer Drainage Ltd – Offering so much more than just drainage

Formed in 2002 by Tony Sayer, Sayer Drainage now boasts a staff of over 20. Tony and his construction staff are experienced and qualified in all aspects of civil construction and drainage in commercial, industrial or residential sites.

Managing Director – Tony Sayer

Tony has over 30 years experience in Civil Construction and Drainage and is the owner and general manager of Sayer Drainage. As well as being a registered drainlayer, Tony has a background that includes contracts and project management.

Tony is your first contact for all queries and pricing. His can-do attitude will ensure your project runs on time and on budget.

Our Staff

All our supervisors, foremen and drainage assistants are appropriately experienced and qualified in their field.
We have registered drainlayers, water reticulation specialists, Fonterra permit receivers, traffic controllers, STMS, trained first aid staff, confined space trained staff, specialist excavation operators.

Sayer Drainage also employs a dedicated Health and Safety Officer to keep our sites safe.
The construction staff is supported by our capable administration team.

Our Fleet

  • Trucks and transporting trailers
  • 6 wheeler trucks, 4 wheeler trucks and truck and trailers
  • A range of excavators from 3.5 ton to 23 ton
  • Rollers, loaders , tractors, watercart and work vehicles for every team